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The CEL has been established (est. 2015) to enhance the education of both undergraduate and graduate students through involvement in research in communication science. Students in the laboratories begin by attending weekly meetings and by working as part of a research team on planned research projects. Students are encouraged to advance to the stage of formulating relevant research questions driven by their own interests in Communication Science. Planned projects may also include studies generated from the research agendas of School of Communication faculty. Students are involved in all phases of the research process including study design to presentation of research results. Students are regularly included as co-authors, and in some cases, lead-authors of papers, which are submitted for both publication at leading peer-reviewed journals and presentation at leading academic conferences. Involvement in the CEL provides students with a hands-on and fun learning experience, unavailable in a traditional classroom setting.

If you are interested in media psychology research and want to get involved with the CEL, please feel free to email Dr. Clayton (email: to schedule an office meeting to discuss research interests and collaboration.

If you are interested in participating in research studies, please e-mail us at Communication Research Study Sign-Up