About the Cognition and Emotion Lab

Welcome to the home of the Cognition and Emotion Lab (CEL). The CEL is a research and teaching laboratory devoted to investigating psychophysiological responses of media audiences. Housed in Florida State University's School of Communication (UCC 4402), the CEL investigates the processes and effects of consuming media content including advertising, entertainment, and news content across a wide spectrum of technological platforms such as television, computers, and smart phones. The CEL specifically focuses on examining the cognitive and emotional responses that unfold during media exposure by measuring psychophysiological or "biometric" changes in cardiac activity, skin conductance, and facial electromyography. With the incorporation of psychophysiological measures, in addition to self-report and memory measures, the CEL is capable of providing critical, precise, and holistic data for the evaluation and understanding of media processes and effects. The CEL is an active lab member of the International Communication Association's (ICA) Communication Science and Biology Division and Information Systems Division.

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